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Meehna Goldsmith



Meehna’s fascination with timepieces began with her parents’ antique grandfather clock, whose harmonious ticks and chimes echoed throughout the house during her childhood. She still enjoys winding the stately piece during her visits home. At age 10, Meehna enthusiastically deconstructed her first Timex – and got in trouble for not being able to put it back together. In her early 20′s, after inheriting her great-grandfather’s beloved Bulova, Meehna became a timepiece enthusiast. Over the years, Meehna has immersed herself in timepiece culture and craft, networked with other watch fans and participated in online timepiece social networks. After posting a comment in an online horology forum, Meehna received a private email from a well-known and highly respected watchmaker. Impressed with her articulate and entertaining posting, he encouraged her to start writing professionally about timepieces.

Since then, Meehna has authored timepiece stories for leading publications such as the Financial Times, Robb Report, Watch Journal, Cronos, and as the U.S. correspondent for HH Magazine. She has become internationally known and respected as a leading expert in luxury timepieces with a keen understanding of the market and emerging trends.



Martin Green

Martin Green immersed himself in the amazing world of watch making at a very young age, even postponing the purchase of his first car in favor of a Swiss watch. As a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America he has a specific interest in the use of diamonds and other gemstones on watches. Though he sometimes has eclectic taste, the rest of the high-end watchmaking world is definitely not lost on him. Apart from contributing to Christie’s watch blog, Martin Green is a moderator and contributing writer for Revolution Online.

Eric Ku

Eric Ku has been living and breathing vintage watches for over 10 years.  A recognized expert on Rolex timepieces, Eric started 10pastTEN in 2006 to bring top quality vintage watches to collectors worldwide.  Having handled and owned examples of many of the most important Rolex timepieces, Eric will share much of his first hand knowledge and insight in order to bring readers a rare look inside the world of vintage watches.

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is an attorney living in Atlanta, Georgia.  He collects vintage Heuer chronographs and timers, as well as other vintage chronographs.  Jeff created OnTheDash.com in 2003, and this website has become the definitive reference for vintage Heuer chronographs, dashboard timers and stopwatches.  Jeff also operates a vintage Heuer discussion forum, and a buy-sell-trade forum that focuses on vintage chronographs.  Follow Jeff on Twitter @OnTheDash.