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  • Meehna Goldsmith

    Hi Nadish,
    This is a very tough question to answer. It really depends on if the model was significant in the lineup for some reason or has become very desirable because of its rarity. Men’s watches have a better shot at it than women’s and oftentimes it takes decades for the market to decide what’s valuable and what’s not.

  • michael delaney

    meehna: thought you might like this lil tidbit: Clark Gables personally owned and worn Rolex is going under the hammer on 12/15/12 hammer 12-15-2012

  • michael delaney

    meehna: i thought you might like this lil tidbit: clark gables personally owned rolex going under the hammer on 12-15-2012 fully documented with period photographs of him wearing it ( from his estate sale at chrisites 2006 )

  • Chung

    Dear Sir,

    I am the client of Christie’s and I have a 14K gold Gubelin Minute Repeater pocket watch, circa 1890. Can you help to find out the original manufacturer of this pocket watch?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    M Chung

    • Meehna Goldsmith

      Please send a photo of the watch and movement to and I will try to help you.

      • Chung