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The Watch Bench: Eric Giroud

Eric Giroud

Eric Giroud No, Eric Giroud is not the long lost son of Gerald Genta, but he could be. Just as the legendary designer that passed away in 2011, Eric Giroud has firmly left his mark on the watch landscape by his innovative designs. With Genta we still don’t know ... Read more

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Under The Hood Part I: IWC Da Vinci

IWC's Da Vinci movement

There are some people who, when buying a new car, don’t take a look under the hood. Most people think that is territory for mechanics only. But even when you don’t feel qualified, it pays to take a look and form an opinion about what you see. The same goes for watches. ... Read more

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The Watch Bench: Oliver Ike

Oliver Ike discussing watches with Ilkka Suppanen

Sometimes you just wish that you where there with a watch brand right from the beginning. That way you could have added that very first Urwerk, Franck Muller, MB&F or Daniel Roth to your collection. Being part of the “early adopters” of a brand is a daunting task since you ... Read more

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Swiss Watchmaking, Patek Philippe & Street Art: An interview with Xavier Magaldi

Switzerland's most sight

As much as we like it, mechanical watchmaking is obsolete, surpassed by superior new technology that is cheaper and more precise, but lacks soul. The crucial element of soul is why mechanical watchmaking has transcended mainstream technology to functional art. This new positioning has resulted in a renaissance period in ... Read more

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Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Steampunk Chrono: Seriously Collectible?

Revealing an eye for detail; the sub-dials

How serious can you take a watch company that doesn’t seem to take itself seriously? We are talking here about erupting vulcanos, Spacecraft, a shiny skull or even Pacman on the dial. Not the average cup of tea for a high end watch company, yet Romain Jerome does it. Question ... Read more

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The Different Sides of Breguet

Breguet Ref. 7027

Pedigree is an important aspect that determines the overall value of a watch. Many watch brands know that and often they gladly go the extra mile to preserve their history for future generations. Great when you have a vintage watch by a reknowed watchmaker. But often these vintage pieces are ... Read more

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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part II

A boutique where they custom make your watch strap to the highest standards; any watch collectors dream!

Straps are a very important part of the watch world. Jacques Bordier, President of Manufacture Jean Rousseau, already told us quite a bit about the production process in part I of the interview. For part II he talks openly about trends and the market circumstances his company has to deal ... Read more

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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part I


We have said it before and we say it again; a strap can make or break a watch. Even the most precious, carefully crafted and rarest horological masterpieces can be degraded completely when not fitted with the right strap. Watch straps are a world of their own. From the inexpensive ... Read more

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Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38: It’s Not Just a Woman’s Watch

Many men wouldn't mind being seen with this around their wrist!

Calling all brands: stop gender labeling!When you write about watches you get your fair share of press releases. Amongst these press releases some immediately catch your eye, like the one I received recently from Breitling. It featured the stunning red gold version of the Transocean Chronograph in 38mm. This watch ... Read more

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Dress to Impress: Chopard LUC XP

Simple lines, Powerful appearance

Most people start the New Year with New Year’s Resolutions. Apparently there is something magical about the start of a new year that inspires people to set goals like losing weight. In the watch world obtaining a slimmer profile is a challenge that they face year round. Many brands embarked ... Read more

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