Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38: It’s Not Just a Woman’s Watch

Calling all brands: stop gender labeling!When you write about watches you get your fair share of press releases. Amongst these press releases some immediately catch your eye, like the one I received recently from Breitling. It featured the stunning red gold version of the Transocean Chronograph in 38mm. This watch is even more pure than its 43mm larger brother. It has only two subdials, and the date is nicely centered at 6 o’clock. This watch really brings you back to the time of those early, vintage Breitlings: a pure, clean design yet with loads of character. 

Although it looks great on her wrist, it can look equally great on a men's wrist

But why did the sub header of the press release say “First-class Femininity”? Further they even refer to the Transocean Chronograph 38 as “a brand new chronograph for women”. Nothing cools down a man’s enthusiasm for a watch faster than mentioning that it is a ladies model. The question is why? What is so feminine about the Transocean Chronograph? Well, nothing in particular. 38mm is smaller than current trends dictate for a men’s chronograph, but since this Breitling is such a classic beauty, a more classic size is actually appropriate, perhaps even desired, even amongst men.

Many men wouldn't mind being seen with this around their wrist!

 What makes this watch even more classic is that it comes with either a black or white dial, with blue also being an option. I’m not talking mother-of-pearl here, or pastel shades, but straight forward colors; what they name it is what you get. If you take either dial, combine it with the stainless steel case and order it on Breitling’s version of the mesh bracelet  you have a watch that absolutely nobody will mistake for a ladies watch…..ever!


Even when you go for the red gold option, on a nice croco strap, for example, you will still have a watch that features such a timeless profile that nobody will even remotely think of accusing you of wearing a watch meant for the opposite sex. More likely is it that they will complement you on your refined taste.

A pure classic in red gold

So is the Transocean Chronograph 38 in fact a men’s watch? That is still in the eye of the beholder, but something that should not be excluded from the start! Fact is that it is a well made, good looking watch that can appeal to both men as well as women. However, when women seem to have no problem wearing watches that are specifically made and marketed to the male population, the other way around is much harder to accomplish.

Hopefully the Transocean Chronograp 38 will accomplish this because, as said before, such a classic can be a great daily companion for men and women alike.

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