Wrist Shot: Francois-Paul Journe and the Souverain Chronometer Optimum

We had the opportunity to speak with Francois-Paul Journe during his visit to New York City to present the Souverain Chronometer Optimum. We got a great video interview, which we will reveal soon. Until then… enjoy a short introduction the Chronometer Optimum and a peek at the watch on Journe’s wrist.

Francois-Paul Journe’s guiding principle is accuracy. When he creates a complication, he always has in mind improving precision. We’ve seen it with the Resonance and Tourbillon Soverain, the only wristwatch with a tourbillon and remontoir d’egalite, which won the Golden Hand at the Grand Prix 2004.

Journe’s latest creation is the Souverain Chronometer Optimum. Using two barrels with two springs, the Chronometer Optimum achieves stability. A patented constant-force remontoire made of titanium–a first–gives consistency to the amplitude. Journe chose titanium for its lightness because less weight contributes to more accuracy. Journe incorporates another patent in the watch with a lubricant-free Bi-axial escapement that starts up on its own, another first, and provides 50 hours of power without compromising amplitude.

One of the coolest characteristics is found on the back. On the 18kt gold movement, a feature of Journe’s watches, is the dead-beat second found ticking away backwards! on a seconds circle screwed onto the bridge.

Journe makes the Chronometre Optimum in a 40 or 42mm platinum case with a white or red gold dial. It comes on a leather strap or a platinum or 18kt gold bracelet to match the case.

Francois-Paul Journe Wrist Shot Soverain Chronometer Optimum


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