Magic Gold: Hublot Reveals the Magician Behind its Creation — and the Formula!


Magic Gold Bezels

Hublot takes the art of fusion very seriously. It’s not just a motto for the brand, it’s an ethos and way of life. They come up with new materials and alloys constantly, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible not just because they can, but in the service of making better watches.

A luxurious material, traditional gold is used for watchcases and even for movements (Francois-Paul Journe) as well as parts such as rotors. The problem with gold is it scratches and can ding really easily. A defaced watch not only looks bad but also decreases its value.

Jean-Claude Biver, the Chairman of Hublot, asked himself, why couldn’t gold be improved to make it scratch resistant? The formula has been basically the same for thousands of years. It’s this kind of creative and innovative thinking that sets Hublot apart and gives them an edge.

This year Hublot presented Magic Gold, a dark yellow (in some light black) form of gold that is scratch resistant. We experienced it firsthand and believe me it’s true. We tried out best to make a mark on a bezel with a large sharp screw and the surface stayed pristine. The only marks were fingerprints from where we held it. Those whisked away with a polishing cloth in no time flat.

Machine Used to Cut Magic Gold

Composed of ceramic and gold, Magic Gold contains18K gold just like the traditional formula. Still, some people have a hard time with the concept and don’t consider it true gold. It’s a very polarizing material. Love it or hate it, Magic Gold is a real modern advancement in the production of precious metals.

Magic Gold is indeed real gold if you measure its authenticity by the content of gold. In fact, Hublot holds themselves to the highest of standards. They send the final product to get a certificate confirming Magic Gold indeed has 18K worth of gold.

Though Jean-Claude Biver is a genius, he isn’t a chemist. He went to the  École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and made his request. The EPFL is known for making the impossible possible.

Why is Senad Hasanovic smiling? He created Magic Gold!

So who is the magician behind Magic Gold?  His name is Senad Hasanovic, 31 year-old Bosnian who was a student at the time. After he successfully completed the project, Biver plucked him from the EPFL and brought him on full time at Hublot to create more new materials. Hasanovic promises there are several surprises in the works. While he wouldn’t tell us any of his secrets just yet, he did reveal his formula for Magic Gold. Hublot is able to do this because of the patent. Because of its properties, other companies are now coming to Hublot to buy the material. And now for the big reveal…

Magic Gold Step 1


Magic Gold Step 2


Magic Gold Step 3


Magic Gold Step 4


Magic Gold Step 5

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  • Rami George Holland

    Big magic gold and king power convert myself. Yesterday I was reminded how Biver was indiscriminantly cutting promotional deals left right and centre during his stint as CEO when Magic Golds even made their way onto the set of The Expendables 2

    • Meehna Goldsmith

      Biver is excellent at promotion. Whatever you feelings about that or his product, I don’t think you can deny he pushes for innovation and brings a modern concept to watchmaking.

      • Rami George Holland

        I’m a fan. I’ve never really been into pretense. I think Biver’s approach is setting standards across the board now in the new “sincerity” era. You have an established primo like Hublot not taking itself too seriously, being very inclusive and never letting the actual quality of its build suffer by genuinely innovating. I think it’s been a fun ride to watch, must have even been a bigger adventure to be a part of!

  • TheWatchReviewSite

    Another fab piece of writing Meehna, and breaking the boundary in haute journalism just as Biver is in timepiece innovation and concepts. Thanks for sharing.