2013: Start with Reflecting on Your Watch Collection

Rolex 1680 Tropical Dial

The world did not come to an end as the Mayas predicted for December last year, and we have already entered 2013. Even when you don’t make New Year’s resolutions, this might be a good time to reflect on the current state of your watch collection.

As with most collections, it is a constant growing process. You start collecting, interact with people, discover new models and perhaps even whole brands you have never heard of, and you learn along the way. In the process your focus and/or taste may change.

Heuer Carrera 1963

That is why moments of reflection can be so important. You can check out the current state of your collection and determine whether you are on track, or might have a watch or two in your collection that are out of place or represent a stage in your collecting that you have already passed.

This is a rather normal situation. Most of us are all too familiar with watches that are so great that you bought them on the spot. Yet a while later you realize that despite being a great watch, you don’t get as excited about it anymore as when you first bought it. Sometimes it is better to say goodbye to such watches and focus on new additions that will enrich your current collection.

Omega Speedmaster 25th Anniversary Edition

As with vintage cars, it also goes for vintage watches that you should always buy in the best condition you can afford. Not only will this save on possible restoration costs, but watches that come in a better condition often keep their value better. This is of course with the exception of the so called “tropic dials”, where nature’s influences have resulted in a highly regarded patina that actually increases the value of the watch in question, especially when it says “Rolex” on the dial!

Longines !3ZN Chronograph

Most important part of reflecting on your collection? It is YOUR collection! No matter what current trends are, resist the peer-pressure and follow the road of your heart. Going against the market can sometimes indeed be very interesting. Ask Warren Buffett!

Happy 2013: we hope that this year brings you lots of love, health, happiness and, of course, watches!

Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk

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