First Live Pictures: Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 2499/100 in Platinum–only 1 of 2 in existence

By now you’ve heard of this Platinum Patek Philippe 2499/100 owned by Eric Clapton, but now you get to see the first live pictures. There are lots of amazing watches in the upcoming Geneva Important Watches sale on November 12, 2012, but the true highlight is this one.


Not only does this watch have an incredible star power provenance, and you can see what provenance can do in the James Bond unique Skyfall watch in titanium, but it is exceptionally rare. Just how rare? Launched in 1951, reference 2499 was in production for 35 years, yet only 349 watches were made. Now consider this: of those 349 watches only two were cased in platinum. The story gets even more interesting because the two in platinum were probably never meant to be sold. Here we have one and the other resides in the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva.

So how did this Ref. 2499/100 make it back into the public? Back in 1989, Patek Philippe put up this example for “The Art of Patek Philippe” auction celebrating their 150th anniversary in 1989. After being acquired by a collector, the watch only passed through one other collector’s hands before Eric Clapton added it to his collection. Thus, this Ref. 2499/100 hasn’t been up for sale in almost a quarter of a century. The watch is in superb condition, obviously handled with exceptional care by its owners.

If you’ve been following us on Longitude you’ll know what all of this adds up to. There are 4 Q’s that determine market value and this Ref. 2499/100 is supercharged with all of them. That’s why it’s estimated to go for 2,500,000-4,000,000CHF.

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  • James

    Beautiful. I’ll take two.