Patek Philippe Ladies Microsite: Women’s Increasing Importance in Horology

Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Ref. 7000R

It’s no secret that the mechanical watches business is mostly a man’s world. As fans of the technical and mechanical, men are attracted to the little wrist machines that can do everything from tell the basic time to keep track of moonphases, monitor the entire calendar for hundreds of years without correction, and even chime out the time.

The fairer sex have mostly been ignored when it comes to haute horlogerie. For women’s models mechanical options, let alone high complications, have been far and few between, with the conventional wisdom stating that women prefer quartz watches. Why? Presumably because they don’t want to be bothered with winding and resetting a timepiece. They prefer the convenience of a battery to keep all the functions up and running.

Conventional wisdom is changing. More and more women understand and appreciate the beauty and complexity of a mechanical watch. And this represents an untapped market for the brands, which are starting to cater to this segment. Patek Philippe is one of the companies that is showing its commitment to the market by creating timepieces specifically for woman, including high complications as seen in their Ladies First” program. Through this program, Patek Philippe released their first in-house chronograph, Ref. 7071 and thinnest Split-Seconds Chronograph, Ref. 7059 as well as their first minute repeater for women, Ref. 7000.

In further support of the ladies, Patek Philippe has added the Ladies Microsite to join Acoustics, which we discussed here, and Service. The Ladies Microsite gives a behind the scenes look at how the brand approaches the design and production of women’s watches and includes an insightful video interview with Sandrine Stern, who heads up watch creation. There’s also a special section that describes the inspiration and production of Ref. 4968, the ‘Diamond Ribbon’ watch, a unique way of setting diamonds inspired by a gymnast’s ribbon.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s worth taking a look at these processes that are used in all Patek Philippe’s watches. Click the image below to explore the site.









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  • Shravya Ch

    I do accept that ladies are not so attracted to these wrist machines as men do, they only bother about the time and its battery, except few most of the ladies do not go for these.