Watch Matchmaker: Boardwalk Empire’s “Nucky” Thompson gets a new watch!

Steve Buscemi as "Nucky" Thompson; Dressed for Success!

Watch auctions are basically a way of connecting top of the line watches with collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate them. A watch needs to suit you, especially when you are an actor playing a particular role. That’s why in the past we have matched “Suit’s” Mike Ross and gentleman K. Cooper Ray with a watch suited for them. Now it is time to do this once again; this time for Steve Buscemi and his alter-ego Nucky Thompson.

Steve Buscemi is not your typical actor. No broad shoulders, large muscles or a smile that seems to come straight out of a toothpaste commercial. No, Buscemi is more your everyday guy, with an extraordinary talent for character acting. Although an everyday guy….he is a trained firefighter, and that is not something many Hollywood actors can claim.

As one of Hollywood’s finest actors he starred in no less than six movies by the Coen-brothers, but most recently he made quite an impact as “Nucky” Thompson in the TV-show “Boardwalk Empire”, a role for which he even won a Golden Globe. As the unofficial ruler of Atlantic City in the 1920’s “Nucky” is half bad guy, half good guy, but most of all a very rich guy! A blue Rolls Royce, butler, tailor made suits, red carnation on his lapel; only the best is good enough for “Nucky”. 

In the TV-show he is wearing an unknown wristwatch, most likely American made. But what if we matched up Mr. Thompson with a watch suitable for his status and lifestyle? Well, then he would wear a Vacheron Constantin  Historique American 1921. It is a bit confusing but the first of these watches were actually made in in 1919 in a small series of 12 pieces that all were shipped and sold in New York city. Since “Nucky” frequently had to visit New York for business, it wouldn’t have been so farfetched that he could have actually owned one. It was in 1921 that Vacheron created another 12 pieces and officially christened the watch “American 1921”.

1920's design by Vacheron Constantin is still very current!

The unique looks of this Vacheron are mainly thanks to the movement that is turned in such a way that the crown is on the right top side of the cushion case, as is 12 o’clock. This makes the watch easy to read, especially when you are, for instance, driving. That was something “Nucky” probably didn’t do too much of since he has a chauffeured limousine, but when you live life in the fast lane it is always nice to have a watch on which you can read the time in a blink of an eye!

From every angle stunning lines!

Fortunately for us has Vacheron recently re-introduced this stunning watch! Even better, they pared it with their Calibre 4400 Manufacture movement! This manual wind movement has a very classical layout of the bridges, decorated with Geneva Stripes. The movement can be admired through a sapphire glass back.

Vacheron Constantin Calibre 4400

With a cushion shaped case that measures 40mm x 40mm the Vacheron Constantin Historique American 1921 is not a small watch, and combined with its unique dial and crown position it is almost dandy-like. Although “Nucky” cannot be really called a dandy, I’m convinced that his taste for the finer things in life would definitely make him recognize and appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Vacheron. A character actor needs a character watch! I call that a double match!      

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  • GEO

    The most stunning watch Vacheron Constantin ever created, the shape of the case, the crown at one of the corners of the case, for me everything is right.

    • Martin Green

      I cannot agree more Geo!

  • Louise De Vito

    Thanks for the information….Love the show…Love all of the vintage clothing also…

    • Martin Green

      My pleasure Louise! Just as you I am also a big fan of not only the show but also the clothing! I simply need to get one of Nucky’s suits!

  • BlingKingsInc

    Great match for this show….

    • Martin Green

      Thanks! We thought so too!

  • J Taube

    Great classic! I believe,these watches where originally pocket watch movements that transitioned to a wristwatch. Notice the crown at twelve and of course of set.Common for the era.I’d would love one.

    • Martin Green

      Very true that these watches where amongst the pioneers of wristwatches. Amazing is not only it’s lay-out and design but also it’s size. For those days it was quite large for a wrist watch.