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The Beat Goes On

TAG Heuer Mikrograph

Without the balance wheel and balance spring there wouldn’t be accurate timekeeping. Together with the escape wheel they are collectively called the escapement and regulate the energy flow traveling from the mainspring through the gear train. The unwinding and winding of the balance spring rocks the balance wheel through ... Read more

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Heuer Carrera: A Hidden Treasure Found at Christie’s

Heuer Carrera 2447 NT

Christie’s launched its new Private Sales Department for watches in New York last week, which we told you about in our July 10 posting.  We offer six major yearly auctions where both modern and vintage timepieces across brands and price points go up for sale. In response to clients’ requests, ... Read more

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Christie’s Private Watch Sales: See It, Buy It, Wear it


Imagine walking into the grand lobby of Christie’s at Rockefeller Plaza, seeing a crisp, minty Rolex or Omega sparkling in a case, swiping your credit card and walking out with it minutes later on your wrist. Yes, it is now possible. If you happen to miss one of the six ... Read more

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The Collectors Guide to Vintage Heuers — Autavia, Carrera and Monaco

Heuer, Carrera, Monaco

In two previous postings on Longitude, we have covered the rarest of the vintage Heuers — Heuer’s very first automatic chronographs (from 1969), with the name “Chronomatic” on the dial, and the last of the Monacos, the black PVD, produced circa 1975. Today, we begin a series of three postings ... Read more

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Mick Jagger Sported TAG Heuer: The Best Advertising Money Can’t Buy

Heuer Carrera 1153N

1965. It was part of the decade of the Swinging Sixties when social mores represented by “Father Knows Best” loosened up to see the rise of the Beatles and, of course, Mick Jagger.   In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Carrera, TAG Heuer has been celebrating in high ... Read more

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Happy Birthday to You! Turns 10

OnTheDash Screenshot

Tomorrow, celebrates its 10th birthday of being online.  It’s an incredible achievement. The first to jump on the Internet with information specifically about the Heuer brand, founder / operator Jeff Stein saw the future, with a brand that would become enormously popular among collectors.  He’s built the definitive place for Heuer newbies ... Read more

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2013: Start with Reflecting on Your Watch Collection

Heuer Carrera 1963

The world did not come to an end as the Mayas predicted for December last year, and we have already entered 2013. Even when you don’t make New Year’s resolutions, this might be a good time to reflect on the current state of your watch collection. As with most collections, ... Read more

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Putting Together a Collection: Watches to Consider

Heuer Autavia for Viceroy Courtesy of

At Christie’s we think a lot about collecting watches.  We don’t just sell watches, we assist our clients in building a collection, whether that’s one watch or hundreds—yes, there are folks out there bitten hard by the bug. While we do sell watches that cost in the several hundreds of ... Read more

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Innovation and Inspiration — Zenith and TAG Heuer Update Their Icons

Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrrera

Compared with other companies in the fashion or consumer products industries, the leading watch brands tend to be old, most of them dating from the 19th century.  The watch brands seek to leverage their histories.  Turning the pages of popular magazines, we see companies selling watches worn by famous pilots, ... Read more

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Collecting Trends in the Watch Market 2012

Heuer Seafarer

In today’s marketplace, the watch collector is a savvy operator. It’s not like it was 10 or 15 years ago when information wasn’t readily available. To learn you had to attend horologic fairs, join watch and clock organizations and form private groups. It wasn’t so easy. With the rise of ... Read more

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