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The Watch Bench: Oliver Ike

Oliver Ike discussing watches with Ilkka Suppanen

Sometimes you just wish that you where there with a watch brand right from the beginning. That way you could have added that very first Urwerk, Franck Muller, MB&F or Daniel Roth to your collection. Being part of the “early adopters” of a brand is a daunting task since ... Read more

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Swiss Watchmaking, Patek Philippe & Street Art: An interview with Xavier Magaldi

Switzerland's most sight

As much as we like it, mechanical watchmaking is obsolete, surpassed by superior new technology that is cheaper and more precise, but lacks soul. The crucial element of soul is why mechanical watchmaking has transcended mainstream technology to functional art. This new positioning has resulted in a renaissance period in ... Read more

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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part II

A boutique where they custom make your watch strap to the highest standards; any watch collectors dream!

Straps are a very important part of the watch world. Jacques Bordier, President of Manufacture Jean Rousseau, already told us quite a bit about the production process in part I of the interview. For part II he talks openly about trends and the market circumstances his company has to deal ... Read more

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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part I


We have said it before and we say it again; a strap can make or break a watch. Even the most precious, carefully crafted and rarest horological masterpieces can be degraded completely when not fitted with the right strap. Watch straps are a world of their own. From the inexpensive ... Read more

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Timezone Veteran and IWC-forum moderator Michael Friedberg about Watches and IWC

Amazing close-up of the balance wheel of the IWC Seeland Pocket Watch, Calibre 22, late 1870s

Meet Michael Friedberg: launched the first brand forum on Timezone, Moderator of IWC’s own forum and one of the world’s leading experts and collectors of IWC pocket watches. Quite a list of accomplishments especially when you realize that the man who achieved all this also has a day job. Recently we had ... Read more

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Video Interview: Girard Perregaux CEO Michele Sofisti tackles questions such as the brand’s position in the industry, why the watches don’t hold market value and how he intends to solve these problems


Just a few short weeks ago, Girard-Perregaux pulled back the curtain on their Manifesto of Time at TimeCrafters, which we covered here. Orchestrated by watchmaker Dominique Loiseau, the Manifesto aims to bring Girard-Perregaux to the next level and differentiate them from the crowded pack of brands jostling for customer dollars. They ... Read more

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An Expert’s View on Cartier: Interview with Geo Cramer Part II

Tank Cintrée Double Fuseaux

Earlier this week we posted Part I of our interview with Cartier-expert Geo Cramer. In Part II we focus more on the recent developments at Cartier. The brand is extremely on the move not only with high-tech concept watches like the ID2, but also with stunning watches deeply rooted in ... Read more

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An Expert’s View on Cartier: Interview with Geo Cramer Part I

Unique details in the Cartier Rotonde "Jour et Nuit", part of the CPCP-collection

Some people have dedicated their entire watch collection to a single brand. This is often a decision that has not been taken likely, but one deeply rooted in passion. That is most certainly the case with Geo Cramer. For more then three decades he  has been focused on Cartier, making ... Read more

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Interview: CEO Eric Loth Makes a Case for Graham

Chronofighter Generation II Trigger Closeup

Introduced in 2001 by owner and CEO Eric Loth, the modern incarnation of Graham takes inspiration from the gifted English horologist George Graham. And there’s no doubt why. Graham was a really inspiring guy, contributing many advances to the art of watchmaking. A geophysicist and member of the Master of the Worshipful ... Read more

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Vacheron Constantin Artistic Director Christian Selmoni Delves into the Brand’s Identity

Minute repeater

When collecting new watches in particular, it helps to understand a brand’s philosophy and strategy. I, of all people, can appreciate choosing timepieces based on what you love, but the smart collector also approaches collecting from an intellectual standpoint. Does the brand live up to its own principles? What is its ... Read more

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