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A Musical Timepiece Fit for a Queen: Marie Antoinette’s Chiming Clock


Marie Antoinette sure had a thing for timepieces. Abraham-Louis Breguet began making her one in 1782 but the Queen didn’t see the watch completed because, well, she was beheaded. The watch was so complicated that even Breguet passed away before it was done in 1827, a full 45 years ... Read more

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Wake Up In Style: The Rich History of Cartier Clocks

Cartier's Borne Desk Clock from 1928; Nephrite, rubies, diamonds and platinum, a truly precious clock!

We watch collectors are often so focused on wristwatches that we forget that there is so much more to collect, or just have a few from on the side. Some watchcollectors also have pocketwatches, but what about clocks? Cartier-expert Geo Cramer already explained to us in the past what it ... Read more

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