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Collecting Trends in the Watch Market 2012

Heuer Seafarer

In today’s marketplace, the watch collector is a savvy operator. It’s not like it was 10 or 15 years ago when information wasn’t readily available. To learn you had to attend horologic fairs, join watch and clock organizations and form private groups. It wasn’t so easy. With the rise ... Read more

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Lucky Ladies: Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101

An indication how small caliber 101 actually is!

Usually we discuss men’s watches here, but there are also plenty of gorgeous watches for the ladies to collect. As is indeed the case of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101. Let’s set the record straight first; the 101 isn’t a model, but actually the number of a calibre on which Jaeger-LeCoultre has ... Read more

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Collecting Cartier Timepieces by Geo Cramer


Today we have an article written by George Cramer, an authority and trusted resource on Cartier watches. If you want to know anything about Cartier, he’s the man. His knowledge is encyclopedic and he shares it as a moderator on Revo-Online. I’ve discussed collecting before in an interview with Aurel ... Read more

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Interview: In Conversation with James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 1/6-How Did the Love Affair Begin?


Bond. James Bond. It doesn’t matter what language you speak. Say those three words anywhere in the world and you’ll be understood. Dreamed up by Ian Fleming in 1952, the character still pulses with vigor and swagger 60 years after he came to life on the page in 1953. For ... Read more

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Exclusive Interview: How to Collect Watches with Aurel Bacs, International Head of Watches at Christie’s


Who wouldn’t want some insider collecting tips? I know I do. But, it’s hard to get definitive answers. The default position on forums and blogs when you ask the question tends to be buy what you like, which is quite frustrating. It’s a safe answer because like most cars and ... Read more

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