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Interview: James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 5/6–Ambassadors

OMEGA ambassador Pierce Brosnan as Bond wears a Seamaster

James Bond is big business, especially when it comes to watches. In part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, Dell Deaton explores the ramifications of the relationship between 007 and his timepiece. An integral part of Bond’s arsenal of weapons, they have become an important element for ... Read more

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Interview: James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 4/6-Impact for Watch Brand Sponsors

Roger Moore wore a Seiko LC Quartz watch in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977

In our continuing series about James Bond Watches (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Dell Deaton, one of the world’s experts on the subject, continues to let it fly on some pretty provocative questions. See how he goes about blaming me! for the idea of Rolex as the definitive Bond ... Read more

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Interview: James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 3/6–What is a Perfect Bond Watch?

Ian Fleming's Rolex 1016 Explorer along with original correspondence

Dell Deaton in Part 1 and Part 2 talked about the alluring nature of James Bond as a character and how he became the leading expert on Bond watches. Quite an interesting specialty. Here we continue our series with Deaton weighing in on the Rolex/Bond connection and which watch he ... Read more

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Interview: James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 2/6-The Enduring Bond and his Relationship to Rolex

Sean Connery as James Bond

Last week I introduced James Bond Watches expert Dell Deaton in Part 1 of a special interview. Here Deaton continues to explain the Bond character and his relationship to watches. Why do you think James Bond is such an enduring character? You ask that question as if there’s some widespread ... Read more

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Interview: In Conversation with James Bond Watches Expert Dell Deaton Part 1/6-How Did the Love Affair Begin?


Bond. James Bond. It doesn’t matter what language you speak. Say those three words anywhere in the world and you’ll be understood. Dreamed up by Ian Fleming in 1952, the character still pulses with vigor and swagger 60 years after he came to life on the page in 1953. For ... Read more

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