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Jean-Claude Biver of Hublot Talks Turkey

Hublot Antikythera

The dynamic and sometimes controversial Chairman of Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver, sat down with us when we were in Switzerland. He tells us his favorite watch outside of the Hublot kingdom and also which Hublot model he believes is the most collectible. Biver is the guy that turned OMEGA into ... Read more

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The Power of the Dress Watch: Blancpain Villeret Caliber 71

Blancpain Villeret; an exotic heart with understated looks

Dress watches have something mystical. At a first sight they are often quite straight forward: round case, light dial, two hands and a leather strap. Their size is modest, and there is hardly anything that screams for attention. True connoisseurs, however, are never fooled by this and know from experience ... Read more

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Magic Gold: Hublot Reveals the Magician Behind its Creation — and the Formula!


Hublot takes the art of fusion very seriously. It’s not just a motto for the brand, it’s an ethos and way of life. They come up with new materials and alloys constantly, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible not just because they can, but in the service of making better ... Read more

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