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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part II

A boutique where they custom make your watch strap to the highest standards; any watch collectors dream!

Straps are a very important part of the watch world. Jacques Bordier, President of Manufacture Jean Rousseau, already told us quite a bit about the production process in part I of the interview. For part II he talks openly about trends and the market circumstances his company has to ... Read more

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Interview: Jacques Bordier of Watchstrap Manufacture Jean Rousseau Part I


We have said it before and we say it again; a strap can make or break a watch. Even the most precious, carefully crafted and rarest horological masterpieces can be degraded completely when not fitted with the right strap. Watch straps are a world of their own. From the inexpensive ... Read more

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And The Correct Answer Is??

A Rooster!

In our recent article about the stunning Jeff Deegan watch buckle we added a little contest, awarding the lusciously thick auction catalogue of our upcoming Geneva auction to the lucky person who could guess from what type of leather this strap was made; It took a while for the correct ... Read more

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Testing Jean Rousseau’s Rubber Strap in Hot Town

Jean Rousseau Rubber Strap

You don’t have to be a diver to appreciate a rubber strap. A sporty look and added wearing comfort in hot weather are things sought after even by those who don’t like to get their feet wet. Most of these straps, however, are solid pieces of rubber. They function fine, ... Read more

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