Marvin and Fratello Team up on the First in a Superhero Series of Watches

Reaching back into their history, Marvin has found a Superhero representing their brand. He resides in their advertising from the 1950’s and is able to handle harsh conditions from under the sea to the cosmos and including extremes of temperature. Through this venue, Marvin represented the quality of their product, gearing it toward the active man.

Marvin was quite ahead of its time in designing this campaign. During the 1950’s, watch ads set forth the attributes of a watch in a much more straightforward manner. To come up with this ad campaign was a progressive move, a bold initiative to bring attention to the brand and set it apart.

Again turning to Superheroes, Marvin is now highlighting a series of watches by launching limited editions of 88 pieces in a joint venture with Fratellowatches, a respected blog started in 2004 by watch enthusiast Robert-Jan Broer. Residing in the Netherlands, Broer has built up his blog to include talented contributors and photographers that attract a strong readership.

The first watch in the Superhero series stars a modern and burly version of a nameless Superhero, designed jointly by Marvin and Fratellowatches. (I think giving him a name would have enhanced his presence.) Dressed in a red outfit reminiscent of superman’s, he stands guard on the watch at 6 o’clock ready to fight off any evil opponents. As Marvin continues with this venture, I hope that a female Superhero will be in the mix, as many women are fans too

Through a Superhero, Marvin and Fratellowatches creatively tell the story of the brand. Comic book characters provide entertainment and a diversion from everyday life. No matter the peril from the villain—and that’s part of the fun—the Superhero always comes out on top. An apt metaphor for an independent company like Marvin who competes against large conglomerates such as Richemont and LVMH. Linde Werdelin, another independent company, has created their own comic book heroes in order to star their watches. It would be cool if Marvin went this route as well.

Malton chose their stylish cushion shaped case in stainless steel with a PVD coating measuring 42 x 42, a comfortable and modern size for men. Flip the case over and you’ll find Fratellowatches initials indicating the special project between Marvin and Broer. Along with the Superhero, the guilloche dial features a convenient 24-hour ring in Marvin red that matches the Superhero’s outfit. The band with red overstitching completes the artistic portrait. Providing energy is the able and reliable Sellita SW200 automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve. As a cool accouterment for your Superhero watch is the option of matching cufflinks.

In a generous philanthropic gesture, Marvin (and Fratellowatches) will auction off one of the 88 watches to benefit the Dutch KiKa foundation, which funds cancer research for children and provides counseling for the children and their parents.

With Marvin and the Superhero watch, you’re not only getting a clever and unique piece but also one that offers good value. They are in an affordable price category and for the money provide great design and finish. They should appeal to both fans of comics and collectors looking for something different or starting their collection.

The watch and cufflinks set will be available from December throughout the world from a selection of retailers and from Marvin’s international e-boutique. More details on the auction will soon be available on

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