A Breguet Marine Nautilus Rotor: The Importance of Details

In general there are two things that make the difference between a good watch and a great watch: finish and….details! Of course there are many details with which a watch designer can play with and they are not only on the front of the watch!

In the last two decades the display back has become the standard in watchmaking. No longer are movements hidden, only for watchmakers to admire when they need to service it. Now they are part of the visual appeal of a watch. That has had its impact on movement decorations but also on the rotors used in the automatic watches. They no longer serve only to wind a watch. They have become the star of the show, sometimes even overtaking the appeal of the dial!

Some rotors are a bit uncomfortable and shy; however, others are quite comfortable with this role. Like the gold guilloche rotor on this Breguet Marine. Shaped like a Nautilus (the shell, not the watch) it adds to the overall experience. And you even forgive that it covers up part of the movement to show off its splendor!

Back of Breguet Marine

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