A Mathey-Tissot Watch Touched by the King of Rock-N-Roll, Elvis Presley, Goes Up for Auction

Though Elvis Presley left this earth to swivel and belt out his bluesy tunes on that great stage in the sky, he still captures the public imagination. Many pop stars live only in their times, the flame dying out after a few recording hits. How many high school or college students are dancing to “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred? I rest my case. Elvis remains an icon, his music appealing to everyone from great grandparents to great grandkids. Practically anything the King touched turned to gold.

In fact, going up for auction on this Thursday, November 29th in London (two days from now) is one of his gold watches, a 1971 gold tonneau-shaped Mathey-Tissot with day and date on a gold bracelet. Harry Levitch jewelers customized bezel, which is embossed with stars and Elvis Presley’s name. He gifted this particular watch to the distributor during a cocktail party at Graceland after he couldn’t attend a pre-awards dinner for being honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men under 35 by the U.S. Junior Chamber (Jaycees), a group of people from 18-40 who solve problems locally and around the world. The other candidates also received one of the watches.


Elvis did attend the Jaycees’ 33rd Annual Congress ceremony to receive his award. In the program, he was hailed for his quiet and low-key philanthropy. Honored to be in the company of people with such tremendous abilities, Elvis is quoted in his acceptance speech as saying, “These men may be the Kingdom of God.” This event was the last time Elvis appeared in public to receive an award.

While the King didn’t actually own this Mathey-Tissot, it passed through his hands and has killer provenance, one of the 4 Q’s that determine value. Adding to the package—and further locking down the authenticity—is a whole host of goodies, including the original case and certificate for the watch. But that’s not all. There is also the program with each of the candidates bio pages personally signed to Jaycee president Gordon B. Thomas, a black and white photo of the candidates with their awards, and a photocopy of the newspaper clipping of the ceremony. We believe the estimate of $6,580-9,570 rather conservative, considering. This will be one to watch. See more about the lot here.

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    How cool! A detail like the black date ring and yellowish day wheel are just superb. Great write-up!