Amadeo Fleurier 42 Jumping Hours: A Different Kind of Jump

What is it with jumping hours? This complication seems to attract the creative minds of the watch industry who dare to be different. We like to bring to your attention watches you might not see anywhere else. We recently showed you Gerald Genta’s take on jumping hours and now it is Bovet who will take center stage on this topic!

Bovet Jumping Hour, an interesting composition

Founded in 1822 and located in the Fleurier-district of Switzerland, Bovet is not your average watch brand. It has always been a brand that likes to do things differently. Based on a business opportunity they were keen to exploit, the Bovet brothers main market was….China! There they supplied the southern region with very high end pocket watches. Their secret was a combination of high end movements, often highly decorated, and dials lavishly adorned with pearls, engravings and enamel paintings.

The back reveals a uniquely decorated movement

Fast forward to today, and we find Bovet in pretty much the same situation as back then: high end watches with manufacture movements in their very own style. Bovet can only be compared to….Bovet. This starts with the fact that when you purchase the Amadeo Fleurier 42 Jumping Hours, it is a three for one deal! Of course you can wear the watch on your wrist, but through a clever system the strap can be removed and in an instant the watch can be worn as a pocket watch–a very dandy option. Because the back actually flips down, it can also serve as a small desk clock. This offers owners a wide variety of choices to actually enjoy their Bovet Amadeo Fleurier.

Exotic yet easy to read. Also note the sapphire cabochon's on the lugs and crown.

Just like Genta, Bovet also takes an unusual approach to the Jumping Hour complication. For starters, the watch does not have a single hand. The hours are shown in a window in the middle of the watch, while a triangle at the outside ring shows the minutes. Bovet also reveals quite a bit of their manufacture movement on the dial side, with the option of beautiful engraving or a more understated satin finish. No matter which option you prefer, there are very few watches where beauty and the ability to read to time so effortlessly go hand in hand.  Both the minute triangle as well as all the hours are fitted with Luminova, so even when it is dark you know the exact time.

Bovet also fitted the Amadeo Fleurier with a display back where a 22k gold rotor winds the movement adorned with blued screws and engraved bridges. As the name already indicates, the watch has a diameter of 42mm, making it quite a piece of real estate around the wrist. Combine this with its exotic and unique looks, precious materials, and manufacture calibre and you have a very collectible and desirable watch–one that you won’t find on many other wrists. Since Bovet only makes about 2,000 watches a year, of which roughly 1/3 are custom pieces, the result is that even their regular collection models are made in very limited orders, a quality that most of their customers consider added value.       

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  • Roy Slater-Hill


  • Addison 

    This is a truly superb watch from a fabulous manufacturer. Their history is interesting too. I would love to own such an unusual timepiece but prefer to have many mid-price watches – for the simple reason that I can wear a different one every day.