Watch Matchmaker: Actress and Life Coach Brooke Lewis and the Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver Starry Night

In our WatchMatchmaker series, we’ve restyled fashion and manners king K. Cooper Ray and Mike Ross from the hit TV show Suits. This time we’ve got some advice for Brooke Lewis.

Brooke is a talented actress and producer. She’s won many awards for acting including, Excellence in Film for Sprinkles, Scream Queen of the Month on and the Silver Lei Award for Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, my personal fav.  I love her saucy and straightforward vampire, providing valuable insight and advice to young girls in a supportive environment. Without the teeth and cape, she also runs a successful business as a sought after life coach. A very smart cookie, this adorable and fiery brunette possesses the acceleration of a souped up Ferrari. You don’t want to get in her way when she wants to get something done.

But more important than all of her accomplishments, she’s a dear friend and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. To match her spunky personality and style, Brooke needs a proper watch. She can’t walk the red carpet or see clients without the right wrist wear. That just won’t do. For Brooke’s active and glamorous lifestyle, the Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver Starry Night will doll up her arm and give her everything she needs. Though the watch comes in Rose Gold too, I pick the stainless version with a white band and dial for Brooke.

Brooke said she wanted a bigger watch and I agree that larger models are more contemporary for women. Since Brooke is quite petite—she’s barely 5’ 1”, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. At 40mm, the Lady Diver Starry Night takes up just enough real estate and still sits on the wrist comfortably. It makes a statement without looking like a teacup saucer made a crash landing in the wrong place. Brooke can so pull this off.

Brooke’s day may be super busy but I guarantee you she won’t be strapping on an oxygen tank to take a dive into the sea. So why the diver? The Lady Diver Starry Night is extremely practical. It will keep her on time and on schedule day with the date at 6 o’clock. And, she can read it in low-light conditions because lume coats the tips of the skeletonized hands. Plus, it’s rugged enough so Brooke doesn’t have to baby the thing and worry about her watch when she needs to be concentrating on a pitch meeting or getting ready for the next event. She can wear it in the shower and the pool because it’s water resistant to 100 meters—and even to bed.

But the watch is not too butch either because Brooke needs something that is girly. Her bedroom is all fluffy pillows and frills. Diamonds glitter on the creamy white dial, on the bezel and on the lugs. Tasteful bling makes Brooke’s eyes twinkle. This watch can definitely classify as a jewelry watch, so we’re all good there.

As Brooke’s bustling between various engagements trading off between jeans and those high, high heels she so loves as well as a sexy party dress and business attire, the Lady Diver Starry Night will serve her well. No costume changes needed here. The white color is smoking hot year round, but especially in summer, and will go with anything. And, she can trade out the strap for different colors if she wants too. I like the rubber strap with the deployant clasp for Brooke too. She would cringe at the idea of a sweaty leather band on her wrist.

Inside the Lady Diver Starry Night ticks an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. I picked a self-winding watch so Brooke doesn’t have to remember to wind it—another item on her list she doesn’t need. When Brooke flips over the watch, she’ll be delighted to see the 22K diamond-set rotor swirling away through the sapphire crystal. She will appreciate that Lady Diver Starry Night is pretty front and back.

Whether Brooke is meeting with a Hollywood producer or coaching her clients, the Lady Diver Starry Night complements her shining star.

Retail: $12,600

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